IMedicine Review Course 4.0 ios官方版

IMedicine Review Course 4.0 ios官方版

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First-of-its-kind Application!. The Course Material is selected from our Live classroom courses. The App requires Internet connection.


PREPARE FOR your Internal Medicine Exams including ABIM Internal Medicine certification or recertification examination, Internal Medicine In-service exams, Internal Medicine components of USMLE II and III, and for International internal medicine examinations including MRCP, PLAB, RCPSC/MCCQE or FRACP Exams.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: The review can enhance knowledge for day to day practice of Internal medicine.


-The syllabus contains course material selected from our Live classroom courses. It is concise and to-the-point and offers stepwise approach for management of diseases from all areas of Internal Medicine based on current guidelines.

-The review features key points, clinical pearls and buzz words commonly used in exams and medical literature. It offers hundreds of multiple choice questions (MCQs) which are discussed in the live course.

-Many key concepts are presented as “table” format to highlight the importance and to call your attention. There are various “Exercises” at the end of many subtopics to summarize the essential data. The review is written in a way which requires your active participation however is very easy to study and can be revised shortly before your exam.


-Our live courses are conducted every year at various sites including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC & Connecticut. The live courses offer many more exercises and numerous additional question and answers with explanation based on images and tables. For last many years, our courses have been conducted at various academic programs.

-The review has improved the success rate of many residency programs.

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The author has also developed Q&A’s review which is available via iPad and iPhone Apps. These are more than 1500 Q&A’s which reflect in a brief way, the kind of questions you may encounter in the exam. The questions are categorized by topics and also by various diseases and contents within each topic. The questions in QA1500 are mostly different from those discussed in the live course thus providing you additional resource to prepare for your exam. Try the Free Lite Version!


The author has made every attempt to confirm the accuracy of the contents presented in this review and has described generally accepted practices. Medicine is constantly evolving. This syllabus should not be used as the sole reference for exam preparation or for practice of clinical medicine. iMedicine Review is not responsible for any errors or omissions or consequences from using the information in this course material. It is the responsibility of the physicians to ascertain the current recommendations and guidelines for management of diseases and to take all the appropriate safety precautions while treating patients.


The App. requires strong internet connection as the course material is frequently updated reflecting the ever-changing field of clinical medicine. The speed of using the App. may be affected by signal strength of your Wifi connection. RESTARTING the device can solve problems with downloading or any display issues.


If you have any technical problems using this App, contact us via Email: Restarting the device can solve the problems with downloading or any display issues.

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