AT Elements ICU (F) for iPhone ios官方版

AT Elements ICU (F) for iPhone ios官方版

医疗 | 21.6 MB | 2023-07-07 09:05:00

A collection of linked augmentative communication pages for a literate, fluent AAC user in a hospital intensive care unit.

Age: Any (fluent)
Setting: Hospital intensive care unit
Voice: Female (AT&T Natural Voice)
Language: US English
Grid size: Varies from (1 x 2) to (5 x 10)
Symbol set: Real images
No. pgs: 11

Features Include:
• Pages for patient comfort, pain, body, concerns and questions, bath, feelings, personal items, and environment
• Also includes stand-alone basic YES/NO page
• Easy editing and customization
• Add an unlimited number of speaking, linking pages
• Camera image acquisition directly in the cells
• Access to all provided images and user images
• Easily show, dim, or hide cells
• Opacity of dimmed cells is fully adjustable
• Dimmed cells remain active or can be disabled
• Restore lets you delete pages and bring them back
• Text-to-speech and recorded audio
• Word prediction with a 150k word library
• Optional word learning and tracking of frequency of word use
• 1x-3x cell magnification for low vision (scanning and direct select modes)
• Page previews and a search bar
• Undo button
• Direct posting to social media, including Twitter, email, and SMS & MMS text messaging via email
• 30-day user activity log in AAC Institute's LAM format
• Data tracking with privacy toggle and recording indicator
• iCloud backup may be enabled

Switch support:
• One- and two-switch scanning
• Sequential and row/column scanning
• Auditory preview
• Bluetooth and direct touch scanning
• Supports RJ Cooper, AbleNet, Therapy Box, and Inclusive Technology Bluetooth switches