Traffic Rider ios官方版

Traffic Rider ios官方版

体育竞技 | 158.9 MB | 2023-07-25 08:45:00

Traffic Rider: Highway Race is one of the best new racing games. Have fun behind the wheels of a motorbike that dodging cars, trucks and buses. Get enjoy while your bike's speed up to the limit. You will race against smart cop's AI in the hot police pursuit, you will burn your motorcycle tires in the Time Trial racing as well.
Start your motorcycle race with a hottest bike in 4 different game modes in the 3 amazing locations!
Be ready for escape from cops that can catch you on your fast ride. Keep calm and ride away so fast as you can. You have to hide behind cars in the traffic to get away from Police pursuit. Wheelie your motorcycle(riding on the rear wheel) and you will faster than cops. Nobody said that it will be easy to win!

- Detailed highway's environments and great 3D graphics
- Choose your favorite bike's type: chopper, dirty cross bike or sportbike
- 4 amazing game modes and 3 unique locations
- Smart cop's AI in the Police Pursuit game mode
- First person rider view
- Ride your motorbike on an endless desert highway, interstate roads or on streets of Miami
- Fun game music
- Online leaderboards

- Go to your garage and choose one of high-performance motorbikes that you favor
- If you wheelie your motorcycle(riding on the rear wheel) your bike's speed increases on 10%. Keep this in mind in the Time Trial mode especially.
- You'll get more scores and money if you'll ride in the fastest speed
- When racing over 100 km/h each close overtake of a car in the traffic gives you additional bonus scores or time (in the Time Trial game mode)
- Riding in opposite way in the Two Ways mode gives you extra scores
- Improve your skills to become the fastest traffic rider

Ride your motorbike in endless highways, dodging cars with overtaking the traffic and buy new bikes with your earned money in the hard races!