Barenziah Tracker 1.1 ios官方版

Barenziah Tracker 1.1 ios官方版

参考 | 28 MB | 2023-07-25 08:35:00

Trying to pwn Skyrim by rebuilding the Crown of Barenziah, but need help remembering which unusual gems you've gotten already or finding where to look for the rest?

This handy app provides location info and maps for all 24 stones and lets you effortlessly track which ones you've acquired. It’s the easy way to complete your quest to restore this boss Paragon for the thieves guild in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Create additional lists for new play-throughs, so you don't go nuts!

- Tap a Stone location in the list for location walk-through, including map and placement screenshots.
- Swipe left to mark a Stone as found in the list. Swipe again to mark as not found, in case you got confused.
- Edit your character's name in-line at the top of the list.
- Create new lists for new characters or switch between lists from the app menu.