Starbucks Secret Menu! 4.1.2 ios官方版

Starbucks Secret Menu! 4.1.2 ios官方版

美食佳饮 | 67.6 MB | 2023-07-23 08:49:00

Hello dear lovers of exotic drinks, your attention is given to the "Secret Menu" or as it is also called the "Hidden Menu". You have the opportunity to create a miracle in your kitchen, your eyes open eight menu items "FRAPPUCCINO", "DRINKS", "TEA", "LATTE", "FRESHERS", "MACHIATOS", "HOT CHOCOLATE", "SMOOTHIES", in which recipes for unique, delicious drinks are hidden. I'm sure once you make at least one recipe, you won't be stopped, they are so delicious. Also, if you liked the recipe, you can share it with your friends, loved ones, or rather, share it with the whole world and believe that the World will thank you.

In this version, we have added wallpapers for the complete happiness of Starbucks lovers.

If you have a good recipe that we don't have, submit it through our app and it will go viral!

We do not associate ourselves with Starbucks in any way. The material is taken from open sources on the Internet and from good people.

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