Bodhi Medical Qigong 1.4 ios官方版

Bodhi Medical Qigong 1.4 ios官方版

健康健美 | 23 MB | 2023-07-14 08:42:00

In looking for the best way to deliver this program to the public, I decided to create a simple to use “App” that could be used anywhere and anytime, with very little space. All you need is “You”, some comfortable clothing to move in, and your phone. What makes this App truly unique is its ability to accurately diagnose exactly what your body needs on a particular day using Traditional Chinese Medical diagnostics, and then designs you a specifically tailored moving meditation exercise program for the symptoms you are experiencing.

This groundbreaking App is easy to use and has three different options to help you care for your mind, breath and body.

Option #1 - Do the Full Set
For first time users, this would be one of two options to start with. By clicking this option, the app will take your through 8 different videos that comprise the entire qigong workout. Just follow along to heal yourself.

Option # 2 Get prescribed exercises
For first time or returning users, have the app diagnose what exercises you need on this specific day to heal your body. Use the five different organ drop down menus to select what symptoms you are experiencing and the app will design a tailored workout specifically for you.

Option #3
For returning users who are familiar with the app, this option will. allow you to choose whatever exercises you want to do today.

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) has been used in China as a preventative health methodology for nearly five thousand years. There are over 3600 different Qigong styles, Tai Qi, being on the of the most well known. In essence, Qi gong is composed of soft, slow, calisthenics (body weight) movements designed to stimulate the major acupuncture meridians of the body, which in turn, have a corresponding effect on the internal organs, As Qigong is performed, the mind is engaged in specific visualizations, coordinated with specific breathing patterns, in doing so, the physical movements become a moving meditation.