Makes you fall asleep 1.8 ios官方版

Makes you fall asleep 1.8 ios官方版

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--- Thisapplication makes you fall asleep. ---

This application is the 2nd phase of "Sleep Application" which made a smashing success at App Store in Japan. In this version, 32 healing music with a music box is contained.

■Application Overview
This is a sleep-inducing application.

1. When you listen to two different sound frequencies in their left and right ears, the difference between those frequencies appear in your brain waves. This application uses this theory change your brain waves to mimic the time when you are asleep.
2. It is understood that the “1/f fluctuation” is a tone that affects the hypothalamus region of the brain and regulates the balance of the autonomic nerves and that this serves to restrain the over-stimulation of the sympathetic nerves.
Using these two methods, you can expect deeper sleep.
※The “1/f fluctuation” tone is in the sound of rain and streams background music.

1. Connect stereo headphones to your device and put them on.
2. Start the application.
3. Select the Background Music you wish to listen to.

※Everyone reacts differently to these effects so try to use various settings to see which best suits you.

■The effects of the different settings
1. Sleep
Select when you really want to sleep.
2. Relaxation
Use this mode when you want to relax or meditate.
3. Concentration
Use this mode when you need to concentrate. Recommended for before you play sports.
4.Memory Mode
Increases concentration more so than the previous two modes. Use this when you are studying.

○This application uses a binaural beat technology, which has been scientifically proven effective.
However this method uses only 3db, so based on how sensitive the user is, there may be a gap in benefits received.
Even if you did not get results your first time, keep using it every day. You should slowly see better results.

○How to use this application effectively
・Close your eyes, relax and assume a position laying down.
・This application needs to use many low and high frequencies so use high quality headphones not cheap 100 yen ones.
・If your ears start to hurt, please turn down the volume until until the music is barely audible.

※Binaural beats are a method of controlling your brainwaves and the following people should not use this application.
・people with chronic epilepsy
・people with heart related illnesses (especially those with a pacemaker)
・people who are driving